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I have been selling online since 2004!

Hi, I'm Justin! I began my path into entrepreneurship as an engineering major. Once I began to learn coding in my college courses, I started to build niche keyword websites, then I would use growth hack marketing techniques I learned online to grow their traffic/revenue, then I would flip them for a profit. This is actually how I paid for my college degree!

Now over a decade later, I have built hundreds of websites, marketed and sold thousands of products online, consulted hundreds of clients/businesses (managing ads for over 500 clients with a 95% retention rate), and built multiple successful businesses myself!

After finishing in the Top 8 for the Entrepreneur magazine 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year, I sold that startup and focused solely on my Amazon stores and ad agency. But friends started to ask how they could do the same stuff I was doing (i.e. work from home in their pajamas), so I built this course bundle and began sharing my knowledge with the world!


Let Me Show You A Real Example!

This client used the knowledge he gained in our courses to launch an Amazon, Etsy, and eCommerce website. After some success his first year, he hired our agency for ALL 3 services (typically clients only want one service, but he was ready to go all in)... Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon PPC to promote his physical product brand and retarget audiences. As you can see below, the results speak for themselves...

Let Us Multiply Your Facebook Ad Spend Returns!

No matter what niche you are in or how competitive it is, learn how to MULTIPLY your ad spend return with Facebook and Instagram ads! We focus on split testing and optimizing for high relevancy ads at the lowest price per action!



Hey Justin, how are you? I took your course 10 months ago and I just wanted to let you know that it was one of the best investments I ever made, I have received at least 100x ROI. I have 8 local restaurant clients now, a very good stable income and the business is expanding. When I took your course 10 months ago I had 5 dollars in my pocket :p Your course was there at perfect timing when I decided to make a massive change in my life and it gave me the guidance I needed to take my first steps to build a digital agency, feel free to use this as a testimonial, I always suggest your course when people ask me where to start :) Thank you

-Christos Orfanidis

By far the best direct & to-the-point information available for the money and lots of it. I'm extremely impressed. I personally love when there's too much info for my brain to keep up because that means I got a lot for my money.

-Jeff Shem

I would definitely recommend this course if you are starting out to learn about Social Media Marketing. It was super helpful and opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't know was available as marketing tools.

-Christina Frey

Very good at covering all the essential elements of selling on Amazon. There should be no surprises when one takes action to begin selling on the Amazon platform. The course also allows one to begin with basic strategies and provides very useful tips to grow your business and scale your profits. You are in total control of how big or small you decide you want to be!

-Christine VanWert

This course is at a perfect pace to really ingest the information that is being taught. I love the instructor's tone as well, makes me really trust that he knows what he is doing. The course is also so easy to follow thanks to the instructor, which helps when you're a complete newbie.

-Jackie Carbajal

Great information that is relevant and useful. Thought I knew a lot before taking this course and I was wrong! I learned many new things that I will be able to apply to my internship. Thanks!

-Alexa Ferko

I did not know much about Facebook marketing and found it difficult to get users for my startup - it was like witch hunting. After doing this course, i have learnt to create advertisements for my business - to get Facebook page likes; to get engagement. Most importantly, i have been able to develop a strategy to get users for my business, and that is my most important takeaway.


This has been my favorite course that I have taken on Udemy. The instructor thoroughly explains how to optimize Facebook advertising in an easy to understand way. Almost everything he goes over is relevant and there is a ton of value from the information he provides. After taking this course, I now have confidence in Facebook marketing and have truly developed my skills from beginner to advanced.

-Race Collins

This course is comprehensive. Loads of content. You need to take your time and work at it over several days. It will help if you have a particular ad campaign in mind to relate the info to. The instructor shared lots of practical tips gained from running different types of ad campaigns. If you are serious about using FB ads and not sure where to start then this course can really help you.

-Mervyn Smallwood


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