Master in Computer Science

Pursue a MCS or MCS-DS degree online! Build your expertise and career skills with this Master in Computer Science program!

Course offered by: University of Illionois

In this Master's degree program, you can pursue a Master of Computer Science or specialize in data science with the Master of Computer Science in Data Science. The programs are hosted completely online and cost around $22,000 for the actual degree.

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Cloud Computing Specialization

Learn the middle layer with Cloud Computing Concepts including core distributed systems concepts used inside clouds, the upper layer of Cloud Applications, and the lower layer of Cloud Networking.

Cloud Computing Concepts

Learn the fundamentals of distributed computing including: clouds, MapReduce, NoSQL, distributed algorithms, scalability, and more!

Data Mining Specialization

Learn data mining techniques for both structured data and unstructured data.

Data Visualization

Learn about data mining, basic methodologies, and applications.

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