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You share your unique Coursenvy affiliate link on varying social media websites, blogs, and via direct emails. You even promote it via varying PPC ad platforms and banner ads in a few forums. By the end of the month you get 1,000 students to sign up for our free courses and then 90 of them convert/buy our $10/month course subscription and 4 upgrade to our ad management service.

So let me breakdown that math for you... That is 90 x $10 course/mo x 20% = $180 commission... then 4 x $3,000 ad mngt/mo x 20% = $2,400

So $2,400 + $180 = $2,580 sent to you on the first of the next month!

The great thing about being one of our sales reps is that even if a student you drove to our site enrolls in our free course first and then we upsell them to the paid course or ad management service via our email marketing, YOU still get the commission because of our 30-day browser cookie that will attribute the sale to your original traffic!


Now as the months progress, this is where you can really make a TON of money with Coursenvy! Let's assume in month #2 you drive just slightly more free student signups to our site, coming in at 1,700 total signups for month #2. Of those 1,700 we upsell 160 to our $10/month course subscription and 6 upgrade to our ad management service.

So let's do the math on these new students/clients... 160 x $10 x 20% = $320... then 6 x $3,000 ad mngt/mo x 20% = $3,600

So $3,600 + $320 = $3,920 commission!

But wait, remember our commission is RECURRING meaning you make money for the LIFE OF THE STUDENT/CLIENT. So as long as the student is a paying subscriber, you are making your monthly 20% commission!

Let's say 10% of your first months students/clients cancel their subscription... so that is 90, $10/mo course students (month #1 sales) - 10% = 81 remaining paying students... and 4, $3,000 ad mngt/mo clients (month #1 sales) - 10% = 3 remaining ad mngt clients

So let's do the math on recurring commissions from month #1... 81 x $10 x 20% = $162... then 3 x $3,000 ad mngt/mo x 20% = $1,800

Your month #2 TOTAL commission payment will equal $1,962 + $3,920 = $5,882

You see how your income can grow exponentially?!


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