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Coursenvy is looking for marketing and sales driven people to represent our brand and further our mission to make business growth accessible for the next generation of business leaders and marketers. As our Brand Ambassador, you will complete our FREE sales training course and then promote our courses and marketing services. You will earn a 20% commission for each sale from your promotions. This is a 100% remote position and you set your own schedule!


As our Brand Ambassador, the main program you will promote is our modMBA program for a 20% commission per sale (which equals $199.40 for every modMBA student you enroll).

The modMBA is a modern approach to the traditional MBA. The modMBA includes LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL COURSENVY COURSES (a $5,353 value), plus our PRIVATE SUPPORT COMMUNITY! The modMBA teaches you how to grow and scale your business with proven, real-world tools and strategies.

Our most common student is a small business owner, consultant, marketing professionals, manager/director, CEO/founder, HR director, or freelancer... so if you have people like this in your network (or if you are great at marketing to people like this), you will EXCEL as a Coursenvy Brand Ambassador!

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You share your unique Coursenvy affiliate link on varying social media websites, blogs, and via direct emails with your own network. You even decide to promote it via varying PPC ad platforms and banner ads in a few forums. By the end of the month you get 1,200 students to sign up for our free modMBA preview course and then 24 students (an industry standard 2% conversion rate) convert/buy our $997 modMBA course bundle.

So let me breakdown that math for you...
That is 24 students x $997 course x 20% commission =


Then say a few of those students sign up for our ads management via your affiliate link. With our ad agency packages starting at $2,000/mo you could make $400 per month for the life of the client.

Your earning potential is UNLIMITED, plus you can work from home on your own schedule!

Besides making money online, being a Coursenvy Brand Ambassador will boost your resume with the experience of building and executing marketing plans for a high-growth company. Plus we send exclusive rewards and swag to our highest performing team members!

The great thing about being one of our Brand Ambassadors is that even if a student you drove to our website enrolls in our free courses first and then we upsell them to the paid course via our email marketing, YOU still get the commission because of our 30-day browser cookie that will attribute the sale to YOUR original traffic!

Once you apply for this Brand Ambassador role and create an account, you will email us for final approval, then we will setup your custom affiliate tracking link and affiliate dashboard for tracking your sales! ALL FOR NO CHARGE TO YOU! Why pay to become a sales rep for other companies? Apply and join the top-rated Coursenvy platform for FREE!



There is ZERO upfront cost to you! Some of our best Brand Ambassadors were former consultants/sales reps for the major M.L.M. companies that charge you hundreds of dollars before you can even get started!


Becoming our Brand Ambassador is FREE!

You can start making 20% commissions from DAY 1!

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